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fruits and Baklawa

Fruits and Sweets...

AED 695
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Birthday Fruit Sampler

An incredible selection of delicious  fruits, all picked fresh for a great birthday gift....

AED 315
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Christmas Basket

Even if your gift list seems like it's endless this year, sending anyone a sweet holiday gift...

AED 477
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Tropical Punch.

Handled wicker basket of assorted fresh fruit, with some tropical flare, including a pineapple,...

AED 275
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Fruit and Cheese Basket.

Featuring a tasty combination of seasonal fresh fruit as well as some cheeses and bottles of...

AED 330
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Office Party

Large basket of assorted, fresh fruit with added gourmet items like oysters, cheeses, hard...

AED 514
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Holiday Gala

A magnificent fruit and snacks basket overflowing with delicious items, there's something to...

AED 642
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Holiday Bounty!

Christmas basket of assorted fresh fruit combined with snack and gourmet items, including cheese,...

AED 606
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Premier Fruits & Chocolates.

Wicker basket of assorted fresh fruit plus some delicious  chocolates. This mouth-watering...

AED 495
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Premier Basket

Our best selling Premier Fruit Basket contains an excellent selection of traditional favourites...

AED 295
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Seasonal Fruit & Flower basket

A basket arrangement filled with the freshest fruit and a selection of the seasons...

AED 330
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Premier Basket

This beautiful basket is bursting with nature's bounty - an assortment of the season's...

AED 349
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Tropical flowers  fruit basket

This Fruit and Flower Basket is the perfect combination of stunning flowers and delicious...

AED 374
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Favourite Fruit Tray.

Wicker tray filled with favourites,
like grapes, apples, oranges, pears and a tropical...

AED 202
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Simply Fruit. Classic basket of fresh.

assorted fruit presented with a colourful bow.
Fruit includes apples, oranges, grapes,...

AED 175
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Fruit & Flower Basket.

This combination fruit basket and
flower arrangement makes a great gift
idea when...

AED 374
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Gift Basket

Hamper containing Celebration drink,honey, cheese, nuts, chocolates, crackers,peanut butter and...

AED 422
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