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 Also known as an umbrella plant because of its graceful, arching leaves, the easy-to-care...

AED 506
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Scindapsus Plant.

 Another excellent office plant especially as a desk or cupboard top trailing plant.  The...

AED 190
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Give him this luxuriant dish garden, and you'll bring him pleasure. Low maintenance, high...

AED 325
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Towering Ficus

Bring the outdoors in with this lush potted ficus plant. Presented in a classic terra-cotta pot,...

AED 558
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Garden in Fish bowl

 Nature’s beauty is a world of art unto itself; and green plants, brought indoors,...

AED 417
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Pink Phalenopsis Orchid plant.

 This divine single stem pink orchid is sleek and graceful....

AED 296
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Cactus Garden

This wonderful cactus garden is one of the hottest gifts you can send. Guaranteed...

AED 253
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This versatile indoor plant is perfect for a coffee table or desk. Full and...

AED 275
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Garden in Glass

Give the beauty of the outdoors with this charming miniature garden, perfect for any setting. A...

AED 316
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Zamioculcas zamiifolia

Zamioculcas is beginning to find itself brought into offices by interior landscapers, probably...

AED 485
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Spathiphyllum wallisii

If there was to be a top ten most loved houseplants then I would bet on...

AED 506
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Areca palm

Looking like a large bushy parlour palm the Areca palm is a great choice if you...

AED 634
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Exotic White Orchid Plant

Orchid Philonopsis Plants in a pot.   *Pots may vary subject to availability. ...

AED 403
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Exotic Pink Orchid Plant

2 stemmed pink orchid plant. It's oriental character is perfect for mother or any...

AED 403
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Known as a "Peace lily," this spathiphyllum plant with its dark green shiny leaves...

AED 232
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Anthurium anderianum 'Red

If you can provide high humidity Anthuriums will reward you with a fantastic display of...

AED 224
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